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In Kuwait, the religion of the husband will determine the application of Islamic law in future.

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If the husband is a non-Kuwaiti, the interpretation of Islamic law applied will be based on his nationality at the time of marriage, in case the couple wish to seek legal recourse. A non-Muslim male cannot marry a Muslim female unless he converts to Islam. A Muslim male may marry a non-Muslim female, provided, she follows another "book" faith Christian or Jewish.

Kuwait Marriage Law

However, non-Muslim women are often pressurised into converting into Islam, and many find the local culture unacceptably restrictive. In the event of breakdown of such a marriage, the children are usually kept by the husband in his home country.

The couples may have to produce the following documents in the court for their marriage, depending on their status at the time of marriage. The procedure involves visiting the authentication office at Ahmadi Court Complex or Riggai Court Complex, and submitting the requisite documents, filling up the service application form, and paying the due fee to carry out the proceedings. Expatriate workers can get married in Kuwait, provided, they meet the civil and religious requirements in their home country. Embassy and consulate staff performs civil marriage ceremonies on meeting certain requirements.

Expats planning to get married in Kuwait will have to produce a Certificate of No Impediment CNI prior to executing the marriage ceremony, to confirm that they have not been previously married, or that their previous marriage is legally terminated. These certificates are obtained in person from embassy. The notice should be submitted minimum of 21 days ahead of marriage. The couple will have to be accompanied two adult male witnesses and should produce documentations such as CNIs for bride and groom, civil Ids of bride, groom and both, original passports, and photocopies.

The application form will be completed in Arabic, and you will have to meet the judge. On completion of formalities you will be legally married in Kuwait. For registration of marriage in your own country, however, you will require translation and attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prior to being accepted by your embassy. Christians residing in Kuwait can get married in a church or under Sharia Law in court.

The church will offer you with details of documentation, fees and other requirements. Church weddings are available with different legal formalities. Weddings solemnised at St.

  • Kuwait Marriage Law - Kuwaiti Family Law and Divorce.
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A couple married in the Evangelical church will be required to undergo a civil ceremony. In order for a marriage contract signed in Church to be recognized, it needs signature of a Notary at the Ministry of Justice. In majority of Muslim countries, Islam Law allows husbands to divorce their wives without any reason by just by stating "I divorce you" three times before it gets irrevocable. After the first two divorces, the husband may nullify the divorce within 90 days, but, the third time, it is final, and he cannot remarry her unless she first marries and is divorced by another man.

Sunni Law makes it even easy for a husband to divorce, as he only need to record the divorce with registrar of the personal affairs court. If the wife disagrees with nullification of the divorce, she must go to court to receive a formal divorce. A divorce initiated by the wife is final. In most divorce cases, husbands, by law, are required to pay monthly alimony payments for each child born of their marriage. The payments continue for girls untill marriage, and for boys till they reach The man's mother usually has the right to make the final selection of an appropriate daughter-in-law.

Living in Kuwait

My American friend, Chris, is married to a Kuwaiti. The culture here wants the men to marry one of their own. His mother was disappointed. Hasan, a 40 year old Kuwaiti friend, was on an elevator with his British wife and a Kuwaiti woman actually turned to him in Arabic and said, "What is wrong with Kuwaiti women? Why do you have to marry a foreigner?

Although the perception is changing, Western women in this part of the world have been considered "easy" by traditional Arab standards from what is perceived as too much freedom in the West or perhaps because best or majority of the black market movies come from the West. In the States, we saw movies about Arabs with camels and tents; in Kuwait they watched movies about cowboys and loose women. Preconceived notions are hard to detect until problems arise. For example, if you are a single woman living alone in Kuwait, you may not want a man you only recently met to invite himself to your home under the assumption that it is "okay" because you are "open minded".

Most Western women living alone anywhere will tell you that they won't allow anyone into their homes without determining that he is not an axe murderer first; or at least that he won't show up at your door drunk at 3 am and wake the neighbors as happened when I first moved into a non-secure building in Salwa years ago. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just find out from the beginning? Sitting a man down in any culture only adds additional confusion because men tend to be commitment-phobics who will run from serious conversation.

A marriage-related question-and-answer session with a member of the male species only serves to free up a single girl's schedule for other males of the species. Perhaps arranged marriages allow for an "up front" look of what the man is thinking, but it is no guarantee.

Selected Kuwait Hotels

Kuwaiti women face their own problems: Criteria such as determining if a man is from a suitable family; if he has a suitable job; if he has been married before; bedu or hather, Shiite or Sunni, inside or outside the gate. Kuwaiti women are intelligent and likely want to find out if her mate is intellectually compatible and if it will be a suitable love match. What happens if he isn't the "right one" and a divorce ensues? It is much more difficult for a divorced Kuwaiti woman than for a divorced Kuwaiti man to find another partner. Western women's complaints are similar to other women everywhere in the world: Many men just don't want to get married, leaving the single girl to wonder if she should invest time and effort in the relationship, or to get out and look for another that might be more "serious".

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence, no matter which direction you choose. Dating someone outside of your own culture has pros and cons. On the upside, it is interesting and there is always something to talk about. Cultural difference, appearance, and varied outlook always make another culture very attractive. Sometimes language is a problem and sometimes finding someone from your own socio-economic background is difficult although the same could be said anywhere. I have both expat friends and Kuwaiti friends. We spend most of our time at restaurants or cafes.

The desert in the winter; the islands in the summer. Don't be afraid to get out there and meet people!

Basic Laws and Regulations in Kuwait

There are a lot of myths that you shouldn't try to mingle with Kuwaitis Arabs for that matter. The key is to be more discreet than you would be in the US.

Things are not done openly here. Just be careful to arab man.